Celeb look-a-like dresses!

So just surfing about looking for some new dresses for the end of term party season coming up and found goddiva! I’d visited the site a few times before but nothing jumped out at me. Most of it was a bit tarty to be honest! :O

But this time….:D

Check these dresses styled around celebs. Now tell me you can’t resist one of these?

The sparkly silver dress that victoria is wearing is avaialable from Goddiva for £45! Not bad when your getting such a star style. 😉 : http://www.goddiva.co.uk/product.php?productid=11369&cat=6&pag

The Kylie look-a-like dress is available for £47.99. : http://www.goddiva.co.uk/product.php?productid=11395&cat=12&page=1

One little point though, they arent actully in stock just now but will be soon! So i’m away to pre-order mine now. 😀



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