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Another ASOS fav…

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Okayy so its a bit on the expensive side for a top but its certainly on trend! 🙂 Fashion houses are gong crazy for this 70s slinky style sports wear. From bright jumpsuits to shimmery shorts. So heres a top we think pretty much sums up the whole trend in one! Coming soon….jumpsuit special! 🙂



The tops available here : for £35. 🙂



ASOS fav!

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Just new in to….and we love it! This dress is in the style of Becki Newton (ugly betty actress) and its lovely! The bright colours are an in thing just now with its almost 70s jazzy print. Grab your own for £37.50! 🙂


Enjoy! x

New clothing website.

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So since this blog hasn’t been up and running for long I am trying to seek out a directory of the best sites on the web for clothes shopping. Found a new one today! Thanks to good old More magasine! I love my more. 🙂

Its called It a good site with mostly dresses in varying styles. It is a bit more expensive than the ones i’ve mentioned before but its still pretty good. 🙂

My fav from a quick look over it is this zip dress. These zip dresses are really in this season and im dying to get one! I love this one but at £49.99 it better be good quality! 🙂 As for the shape….its gorgeous!

Check the site out at :    Enjoy! =D


Celeb look-a-like dresses!

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So just surfing about looking for some new dresses for the end of term party season coming up and found goddiva! I’d visited the site a few times before but nothing jumped out at me. Most of it was a bit tarty to be honest! :O

But this time….:D

Check these dresses styled around celebs. Now tell me you can’t resist one of these?

The sparkly silver dress that victoria is wearing is avaialable from Goddiva for £45! Not bad when your getting such a star style. 😉 :

The Kylie look-a-like dress is available for £47.99. :

One little point though, they arent actully in stock just now but will be soon! So i’m away to pre-order mine now. 😀


Colour block dress…steal or splurge?

Posted in Clothes on March 30, 2009 by fashpicks

Okay so theres not much of a price difference but since it IS a credit crunch we are giving you a cheaper option. 🙂 We love this style of dress! Its great for slim AND curvy girls, although we are trying to tone our legs slightly to make them look good in it! 😉


The first dress is our steal and is from Desire clothing and is only £24.99! 🙂 Love it! :

The second is the dress you may need to splurge  a bit of cash for at £55.00. Its available from lipsy:–pink/product-is-DR01789_021

Both dresses come in different colours so your friends can grab one too! 🙂


Blooming Dresses…

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Floral prints are this summers must haves when it comes to dresses. They are all over the high street but here are some on you can catch on the web….

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. New Look £28:

2. River Island £44.99 :

3. Miso at Republic £34.99 :

4. Full circle at Urban Outfitters £92.00 :

5. ASOS £40 :

6. ASOS £44.50 :

7. Miss Selfridge £32.00 :

Enjoy! 🙂

25% off knitwear on!

Posted in Clothes on March 30, 2009 by fashpicks is offering 25% off of their knitwear selection! Seems a bit pointless to go buying woolies when winter is coming to and end but that nasty breeze keeps returning so I’m off to get a new jumper! 🙂

Go on, spoil yourself on a new jumper….: