Neon Skyscrapers.

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Whether its Lady GaGa or Katy Perry, the newest kids on the block are all going crazy over brightly coloured heels. Me too to be honest! When you’ve got statement shoes who cares about the rest of the outfit? 🙂 ASOS, have a great collection…..yummy!



Oxfam does fashion.

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Oxfam has opened its online store full of fairtrade clothing and second hand stuff! Go grab yourself a bargain. I found a floaty floral dress from zara in really good condition. A great place to find vintage and old designer stuff. You just have to rake a bit. 🙂



Celebrity style shoes on a budget. (and on the web!)

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I love shoes but what female doesn’t?

So I’m always surfing the web for reasonable priced shoes that still look good. After researching a bit I came up with this site which is currently being featured in a lot of fashion magasines….it looks great and bases a lot of its styles around celebrity shoes. AND the prices aren’t scary at all!

Check it out. 🙂



P.S my fav’s :linzis-shoes-black

Blooming Dresses…

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Floral prints are this summers must haves when it comes to dresses. They are all over the high street but here are some on you can catch on the web….

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. New Look £28:

2. River Island £44.99 :

3. Miso at Republic £34.99 :

4. Full circle at Urban Outfitters £92.00 :

5. ASOS £40 :

6. ASOS £44.50 :

7. Miss Selfridge £32.00 :

Enjoy! 🙂

25% off knitwear on!

Posted in Clothes on March 30, 2009 by fashpicks is offering 25% off of their knitwear selection! Seems a bit pointless to go buying woolies when winter is coming to and end but that nasty breeze keeps returning so I’m off to get a new jumper! 🙂

Go on, spoil yourself on a new jumper….: